30+ years experience in construction as an electrician and welder. At a young age, became interested in the paranormal because of experiences that occurred in the home that I grew up in and currently live in to this day.






9871600My background is in biology but also work as a DJ. I have a very scientific and technical aspect when it comes to paranormal investigations. I became interested in the paranormal when i had experiences growing up in the same house.





9210817Will Jenks is the co-founder of B.P.I.R.S.-The Binghamton Paranormal Investigations Research Society, nestled in the Binghamton N.Y. area. He is a paranormal investigator/researcher and has over ten years of experience in the field.





1036775Jeff Orechovsky is the founder of The Sasquatch Research Group Of Broome County.- located in the Johnson City N.Y. He is a Sasquatch/UFO investigator/researcher and has had an interest in the related fields for over 30 years. He also gives lectures/presentations for the public.  He is actively seeking any reports of the creatures or UFOS and encourges witness’s and people who have an interest in the subject to contact him.

If you would like to contact Jeff to report a sighting(all reports are COMPLETELY confidential) or for a presentation you can do so by emailing at or you may also contact him on Facebook at The Sasquatch Research Center Of Broome County.


5611441I am a stay at home mom of two little monsters that make ghosts look like angels. I want to know what is out there, and am will to go and see for myself. I have a strong background in broadcasting and photography.

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